The HORIZON Employee Information Reporting System from Data Technologies Int'l is a state-of-the-art, menu-driven human resource system that operates on any computer using the MS Windows Operating System. HORIZON combines the functionality of larger more expensive mainframe human resource systems at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to being quickly installed and easily learned, your HORIZON system is also fully supported by a staff of competent technicians as well as leading experts in the human resource management field. HORIZON provides your Human Resource Managers the tools necessary to become more efficient.
HORIZON can be installed on your
company’s LAN, or on a single CPU
Each system is customized to the client
Training and support are provided for HORIZON at your location eliminating employee downtime and allowing Human Resource managers to learn the system in real-time situations as opposed to theory. All while never having to leave your location.

The HORIZON System is the efficient cost-effective solution to today's dilemma of processing, maintaining, analyzing and reporting employee information.
Technical Support for
HORIZON is available 24/7
Training is conducted at your
location using your equipment.
HORIZON users are trained at their location using real-time employee information specific to corporate needs. Training encompasses all aspects of the HORIZON system as well as the operating environment specific to each client.

Each registered HORIZON user is fully supported by Data Technology’s (DTI) staff of professional qualified human resource personnel as well as technical and system experts.

HORIZON software is fully warranted under the software service agreement. All components of the HORIZON software will be maintained by Data Technologies and any inherent problems will be corrected free of charge.
Now your HR files can go from
This………................................……. To This
Dti is a privately owned company conveniently located in Northern NJ. Our staff of Human Resource and Technical Support professionals comes from wide and
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varied background. Collectively they have amassed year’s experience in the fields of computer technology, software development, human resource management, and education.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a quality product with an exceptionally high level of service to each and every one of our clients.
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